Honor The Founding Fathers

Please forgive the rambling nature of this posting … A number of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. I can only imagine that they would be horrified, and more than a little angry, at what this Republic has become after they sacrificed so much. For many years, I have done everything possible to help put people in government, at all levels, that I knew had a true passion for the original intent of the Constitution. Unfortunately, political candidates like this are few and far between and there are many “false prophets” out there – those who talk the Constitutional talk but, upon closer inspection, obviously don't believe what they are saying and are clearly just using “hot button” talking points to gain support. Another issue is that there are just not enough of us who see that Bi-partisanship is a two-headed snake. The Republicans and Democrats, as a collective consciousness, have apparently all lost their minds and have certainly lost sight of why they were elected in the first place. Do you feel that you are being accurately represented? I know I sure don't.

Over 50% of my income is paid out in taxes (when you add up ALL of the taxes you pay in a year; sales, fuel, etc), my phone calls and email are monitored/recorded/stored, I am subjected to unreasonable search/seizure at the airport twice a month, and on, and on, and on. Obviously, what we need is a real (mandatory) third party in politics but, just as there seems to be too few voters who are willing to vote out incumbents and replace them with Libertarian-minded candidates, there are just not enough people who support the concept of a third party. So, where is this all going? How much longer are people going to sit on their couches quietly while their “representatives” in Washington DC turn this country into their own version of the European Union? What is it going to take to get people involved?

Well, we may have just seen the first volley out in Nevada on April 12, 2014 with the Bundy Ranch situation. People actually responded to the tyranny that was unfolding. It was exciting, and empowering, to watch the thugs from DC disperse when they found out 5000 armed Militia were headed their way. I can only hope that people see this incident for what it is; a modern day version of Lexington Green. This was the first battle of the new Revolution, but the war is still ahead of us. They WILL be back, and they WILL try again, if not at the Bundy Ranch then somewhere else.

We the People have the power. We the People are the ultimate Sovereigns. Most people just either don't realize that or don't believe it when you tell them. The government works for US and we pay their salaries. We actually have the power and authority to tell them ALL to get out of DC and replace the entire bunch of them at once, and that is probably what it is going to take to fix this mess. There is a great book by Christian Fritz, called “American Sovereigns: The People and America's Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War”. It is available on Amazon and most libraries have it. This book outlines, and gives the legal and historical foundations for, what the extent of our power, as citizens, really is. I will give you a clue; it is enormous.

The government has primarily done two things; 1) ignored the Constitution and given themselves tremendous power and scope that they are simply not authorized by the Constitution to have and 2) convinced people that they are weak and that “you can't fight city hall”. The bi-partisan system that they work so hard to keep in place also plays a role in their nefarious strategy; it keeps us divided. They constantly keep us fighting over little things because they know that “Divided, we are Weak”, and the mainstream media is more than happy to help them.

When the Government comes knocking, individuals are generally isolated and left to stand alone against the facade of unlimited power that the government has sold us and yes, that facade has worked well for a long time. However, that came to an end at the Bundy Ranch when 5000 people stood behind 1 man who dared to stand up to the bully that is the Federal Government. Of course, the Government, like any bully who is confronted, ran home. All it took was for people to say “enough” and see that this was an issue much larger than just one man and a few cows. Like Mr. Bundy, they saw that this was a defining moment and, instead of allowing the the moment to define them, THEY defined the moment. True Patriots, every one of these people. I can't remember the last time I felt so proud of something that happened in this Country … perhaps never.

If we can leverage that emotion, that defiance. If we can consistently come together and present a united front, we can face larger issues in the same way and get the same result, But, people are going to have to understand and embrace the concept of how well they could be living if we are able to shrink the federal Government back inside of the footprint outlined in the Constitution. Just on one issue, taxes, here is an example.

What if everyone paid their fair share of taxes with no loopholes? What if we only needed to to pay 5 to 10% a year maximum in taxes, instead of 25-30% (or the 50% considering all taxes)? It can happen if we get a handle on the unfair tax advantages that the top 2 or 3% receive and cut the government down to size. Would that extra money, the fruits of your OWN hard labor, sitting in your bank account change the way you live? I know it would change my life significantly.

Finally, the Bundy Ranch incident illustrates perfectly WHY the Second Amendment is in place, to ensure “ The security of a Free State”. In other words, to ensure our freedom from a government who has grown too powerful. To ensure our OWN Freedom. At this moment in history, Government has basically pushed about as far as they can push, safely, and they are very, very worried about what just happened at the Bundy ranch. That is why they want our guns, so that they can continue to strip our Liberties and grow themselves larger and larger and not have to worry any longer about an armed revolt. I am sure you already know this but, under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you enroll in any kind of national gun registration scheme or give up your arms.

Over the next few months, I will be working to form a group of people who are like minded politically, in the sense that they firmly believe in the vision of the Founding Fathers and the “Original Intent” of the Constitution – in other words, they take the Constitution literally, as it was written and with the meaning linked to historical context. People that believe in the Bill of Rights and understand why the Declaration of Independence was written and how the grievances stated in that document parallel what we are enduring from our own government a little over 225 years later.

This group will work together to try and peacefully effect political change but has a secondary role as Militia if necessary. In other words, functioning just like Patriots functioned, prior to the Revolutionary War. They were just average people who were concerned enough about their lot in life, and how government and politics impacted their freedom, to work for change. When all available means for peaceful change were exhausted, they exercised their right to the last course of action available, they took up arms. If you are interested in being part of the group, please send me some email at the address below, I live up in Logan, UT. Please share this page with like-minded people you know. People do NOT have to live in Utah to participate. For now, I leave you with this quote:

"This Country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their Constitutional Right of amending it, or exercise their Revolutionary Right to overthrow it." - Abraham Lincoln